Saturday, 25 January 2014

All New Jazz 2014 will released in Indonesia this year

Following Yaris, PT Honda Prospect Motor will also be releasing the All New Jazz this year. HPM recognizes will launch the latest Jazz is not until the end of 2014, which probably means it will come out in mid-year.

"All New Jazz? Into Indonesia this year," said Marketing and After Sales Service Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy in London quoted detikOto.
"And we will also assemble in Indonesia, such as the Jazz are now," he said.

Honda Jazz 2014 is expected to have a 1,500 cc engine specs i-VTEC is different from the current Jazz and spewing power up to 138 hp which means more powerful than gasoline and diesel Toyota Innova.

This car is also rumored to be ordered at the Honda dealer to give a sign so the amount of Rp 5 million and identification card. Combat ready, Jazz?

Datsun GO+ plus 'Nusantara' name?

Datsun decided to name their cars LCGC, GO and GO + with 'Nusantara' addition behind the original name for the sake of government regulations that require manufacturers to provide the name of Indonesian products.

"We decided to use the 'Nusantara' name. At first, we wanted to use the name of Indonesia, but it is too risky. This name has received approval from the principal, "said Teddy Irawan, President Product Planning Sales, After Sales, Dealers, Development and Customer Satisfaction PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) quoted from

However, the additional 'Nusantara' name has not officially announced by Datsun. Just outstanding, likely additional embedding this name will still be done. For the emblem will display a map of the Indonesian archipelago, appropriate government regulations. For your information, Datsun GO+ Nusantara will be released in March 2014 and GO archipelago Datsun hatchback in May 2014 with the estimated price of Rp 85 million and Rp 76 million.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Volkswagen XL1, Most Efficient Car

Imagine a different kind of sports car, small, lightweight, with the most economical engine. It's not fast, but the XL1 is not made for speed but to achieve a wonderful fuel consumption of up to 113 km/l (265.7 mpg US). Volkswagen claims this is the most economical car in the world! Volkswagen made this until a small details just to reduce the XL1 fuel consumption.

For example, the excellent aerodynamics with a drag coefficient to 0.18. For comparison, the latest VW Golf is 0.27. This can be done because of the rear wheels is closed so it got minimal barriers. Then the weight is just 795 kg which is one reason the XL1 uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic to make body panels and aluminum frame.

XL1 is a result of the development of the two initial models. The first model was made in 2002 called 1-itre or One Litre use the 300 cc diesel engine with a power of 7.9 hp. The dimensions are smaller, the 3,470 mm length is 318 mm shorter than the XL1.

The second model continued in 2009 with the name L1 . The shape is similar, just longer with 3,813 mm length, but the width is 1,200 mm is smaller than 1,250 mm width of 1-Litre. The technology is different, this one carries a plug-in Hybrid. Thus , diesel engine capacity is 800 cc 38.5 hp with electric motor that collaborate with 13.4 hp.

From the front it does look cool , but wait until you see the rear ..

Either cool or too tacky or what, but all of it to pursue an aerodynamic design. Because the engine is placed behind, the air traps are placed on either side of the rear to supply air to a conventional 800 cc, two-cylinder diesel engine, 46.3 hp which is supported by a 26.6 hp electric motor. Adopting a transmission 7-speed dual clutch, the XL1 electric battery is placed under the hood. The ability of the battery to run the car until 49.8 km (40 miles)

XL1 can accommodate two people, is certainly to save diesel. The steering wheel is 'flattened' at the bottom to aim better handling.

According to VW, XL1 only requires 7.9 horsepower to make it sped 100 km/h (62 mph) with acceleration from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 12.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 160 km/h (99 mph). This car tank holds up to 10 liters of fuel, so XL1 can travel up to 1,130 km (702 miles) with just one tank. Wow.

However, a number of journalists were given the opportunity to try out this car in Germany include original calculate fuel consumption. As a result, the average fuel consumption XL1 is just 68 km/l (160 mpg US). Though far from the manufacturer claims, but still considered good. The problem is XL1 can not be called as a super-efficient!

XL1 will produced only 1,000 units at 2013. That's bad, because a car like this that would be favored by many people if XL1 is cheap, because it's very economical. Besides the beautiful and futuristic design. However, XL1 does not seem to be included in Indonesia.

Engine: 800 cc direct-injection 2-cylinder TDI turbodiesel
Motor power: 26.6 hp electric motor
Maximum power : 68 hp ; 139.5 Nm
Battery : 5.5 - kW lithium - ion H
Transmission : 7 - speed DSG auto - manual ; RWD
Fuel consumption : more than 111 km/l (265,7 mpg
Tank capacity : 10 liters
Battery range : approximately 50 km
Once the contents of diesel can take : More than 1,130 km
Gross weight : 795 kg
Drag coefficient (Cd) : 0189
0-100 km / h : 12.7 seconds
Price : Rp 500-590 million (estimated)
Release Date : late 2013 (Germany and Austria)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Toyota Indonesia Is Planning an Mobilio Rival

Quoted from Andra Febrian Auto Blog, Toyota reportedly is preparing a mysterious competitor of Honda Mobilio, which probably means between Avanza and Kijang Innova . "The car is going to fill the gap between Avanza and Innova," said a source from Toyota quoted from Dapurpacu who knows the secret project.

That the car could using a monocoque chassis instead of the ladder like Avanza and Kijang Innova, considering Mobilio has adopted the modern chassis. According to Andra Febrian Auto Blog analysis, there is also a big possibility that a mysterious car is put on a front wheel drive.

A source said, this MPV was designed carefully by PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Toyota's subsidary in Indonesia. This car is expected can be seen at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014.


Toyota actually had a car between Avanza and Innova, the Passo Sette. The car was launched in 2009 in conjunction with Daihatsu Boon Luminas. Have the same base with the Daihatsu Sirion/Boon/Toyota Passo, this car has a high value practicality.

But there Perodua Alza is a Passo Sette with the new design to the tastes of Southeast Asia. There is a little possibility Alza being redesigned by Toyota to enter Indonesia in September 2014. This is the rendering.
Click to enlarge.

Nissan Evalia Equivalents

Nissan Evalia turned out to be quite interesting. Not only consumer demand, but also demand from another car manufacturers who want to rebadge Evalia or NV200. Perhaps because of their functionality, because the NV200 is a practical car. It has sliding doors, spacious cabin and this car is suitable for delivery service. What car manufacturers has rebadge the NV200?



Mitsubishi rebadge Evalia/NV200 with the name of the Delica D:3. It looks not much different, save for the the more fancy grille and the Mitsubishi's 'Three Diamonds' logo. Then rim also replaced with their own version.

So also on the inside, even the steering wheel design was not changed, just adjusted to the Mitsubishi logo. Available with automatic transmission, but it looks not fitted with stereo. Delica D:3 sold since October 2011 in Japan.

For the engine, Mitsubishi use the 1.6 liter engine with 4 cylinders. They claim that the consumption of this car reaches 12.8 km/l (36.1 mpg) for Type G and 13.2 km/l (37.3 mpg) for Type M.



Ashok Leyland Stile recently launched in India in three variants, LE , LS and LX. Air conditioner, power steering, tilt -adjustable steering and seats that can be folded has been present in all types. When compared with the Evalia, the Stile has much difference.

The taillamps is different with the Evalia.

The interior is not much different than the Indian version of the Evalia. However, it's very different from the Indonesian version. Patterned beige and gray, the Stile's interior is quite luxurious.

Stile fitted with 1.5 liter Renault K9K engine that can produce 75 break horsepower and massive 185 Nm torque. Stile claimed to get a fuel consumption figure of 19.5 km/l (55.1 mpg).



Later Chevrolet keen to rebadge Evalia/NV200. The result is the City Express. Unlike the Delica D:3 and Stile which is a family car, Chevrolet are more interested making the City Express as a van or a cargo blind van. It deals with the tastes of Americans. City Express will be sold in the fall of 2014 in Canada and the US.

The trunk lid can be opened like a 2-door fridge or split. So the loading and unloading of goods, could be easier.

The interior is fancy enough for a commercial vehicles. 2-DIN head unit with monitor has been installed in the cabin of the City Express. Automatic transmission was available too on City Express. The steering wheel design is similar to the Ashok Leyland Stile.

Which one is the best?